School Name:  Narayana E Techno School CBSE
Requirement Details: Senior Chemistry Teacher (with competitive teaching), Mid School English Teacher, High School Hindi Teacher
City: Chennai
Mobile Number: 7358017575
Contact Person: Ratna Kumaran K
WhatsApp Number: 7358017575
School Name:  Prahalath Vidhyalaya Time kids
Requirement Details: Want Teachers for Play group and Nursery
City: Chennai
Mobile Number: 9841349404
Contact Person: Sheela Mohanavel
WhatsApp Number: 9841349404
School Name:  Kidzee Villivakkam
Requirement Details: Pre School Teacher with Hindi
City: Chennai
Mobile Number: 7639542619
Email: -
Contact Person: -
WhatsApp Number: 7639542619
School Name:  Krayon Kids Nursery
Requirement Details: Class Teachers
City: Aurangabad
Mobile Number: 8975459893
Contact Person: Pallavi Narwade
WhatsApp Number: 8975459893
School Name:  Eurokids Preschool
Requirement Details: Preschool Teachers
City: Gurugram
Mobile Number: 7827996679
Contact Person: Sadaf
WhatsApp Number: 7827996679
School Name:  360 Juniors
Requirement Details: Teachers
City: Rajkot
Mobile Number: 9099066360
Contact Person: Chirag Sakariya
WhatsApp Number: 9099066360
School Name:  Kishor Academy
Requirement Details: Teacher for English and Social sciences
City: Vadodara
Mobile Number: 9106700819
Contact Person: Kishor Thakkar
WhatsApp Number: 9106700819
School Name:  Eurokids
Requirement Details: Nursery Teacher
City: Ahmednagar
Mobile Number: 8830327675
Contact Person: Jaslina Barnabas
WhatsApp Number: 7030666768
School Name:  SheMe Global Preschool
Requirement Details: Teacher For Playgroup And Nursery
City: Vadodara
Mobile Number: 9965959594
Contact Person: Shetal Shah
WhatsApp Number: 9965959594
School Name:  Cutie-Pie Preschool
Requirement Details: Fluency in english
City: Nashik
Mobile Number: 8208603707
Contact Person: Anita Bhamare
WhatsApp Number: 8208603707
School Name:  Learning Steps Pre School
Requirement Details: Pre primary Teacher
City: Jaipur
Mobile Number: 7014018139
Contact Person: Meenakshi
WhatsApp Number: 7014018139
School Name:  Kangaroo Kids International Preschool
Requirement Details: Per primary Teacher
City: Hyderabad
Mobile Number: 7569532314
Contact Person: A.Sreedevi
WhatsApp Number: 7569532314
School Name:  Eurokids Preschool
Requirement Details: Teachers
City: Pune
Mobile Number: 9284435021
Contact Person: Vaishali
WhatsApp Number: 9284435021
School Name:  Wonder Kids Play School
Requirement Details: Teachers
City: Coimbatore
Mobile Number: 9843359033
Email: rina_
Contact Person: Rina
WhatsApp Number: 9843359033
School Name:  Little Millennium New Citylight
Requirement Details: Teachers
City: Surat
Mobile Number: 8155050501
Contact Person: Nisha Desai
WhatsApp Number: 9825043418
School Name:  Kidzee Villivakkam
Requirement Details: Teachers
City: Chennai
Mobile Number: 9962828109
Contact Person: Rema devi
WhatsApp Number: 9962828109
School Name:  T.I.M.E. Kids Preschools
Requirement Details: Teacher for Nursery, Pp1 , Pp2
City: Hyderabad
Mobile Number: 8977738071
Contact Person: Lakshmi Bhope
WhatsApp Number: 8977738071
School Name:  Aptech International Preschool
Requirement Details: Center coordinator
City: Hyderabad
Mobile Number: 7995441617
Contact Person: Radhika.P
WhatsApp Number: 7995441617
School Name:  Eurokids Preschool
Requirement Details: Teachers
City: Nagpur
Mobile Number: 8788044149
Contact Person: Rashmi Sarode
WhatsApp Number: 8788044149
School Name:  Eurokids
Requirement Details: Assistant Teacher
City: Kolkata
Mobile Number: 9330668670
Contact Person: J Chowdhury
WhatsApp Number: 9330668670
School Name:  Step up Kids
Requirement Details: Required teacher for Pre school. Fluency in English is must.Early child education or TTC is required. Love for kids and passion for teaching is necessary.
City: Pune
Mobile Number: 9604526231
Contact Person: Kanchan
WhatsApp Number: 9604526231
School Name:  Smartkidz Preschool, D.D.Colony Branch
Requirement Details: Fresh or Experienced Graduates/Post Graduates preferably with a Diploma/Degree in Early Childhood Education. Should posses good communication skills in English ( Both Write & Read). Should be child friendly & have patience to deal with children
City: Hyderabad
Mobile Number: 9030016125
Contact Person: Smartkidz D.D.Colony
WhatsApp Number: 9030016125
School Name:  Renowned Premium School
Requirement Details: Special Education teacher
City: Mumbai
Mobile Number: 9372152613
Contact Person: Shweta
WhatsApp Number: 9372152613
Requirement Details: "3 openings 1) 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (part time) 2) 10:00am to 5.00 pm (part time) 3) 8:30 am to 5.00pm ( full time)"
City: Mumbai
Mobile Number: 7977021539
Contact Person: Ms. Sonu Shah
WhatsApp Number: 9029643075
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