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Internationally Certified Safe Yoga Trainer

Receive Globally Recognized Certificate Co-Endorsed & jointly issued with London College of Learning 

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Who can Apply for this Certification?

Yoga Trainers & Yoga Teachers who have Prior Knowledge of Yoga and Believe in Safe Yoga Practices.                                                                         

When Can you appear for the Exam?

You can appear for the Online MCQ Based Exam within 90 days from the date of enrollment. Although this is only a Certification program to students who have prior Yoga Training, Students have the option to refer the Training Material of BRITISH LEARNING in "Safe Yoga Practices"

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Instructor: British Learning

Language: English

Validity Period: 5 days

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Yoga is today  one the most popular form of exercise that is being practiced by millions across the World. Unfortunately the popularity of Yoga has resulted in a huge number of non-qualified, fly by night Yoga Teachers/ Trainers. These Untrained Teachers with  no knowledge of Safe Yoga Practices end up causing a variety of injuries to the student learning Yoga.

How does a Yoga Trainer/ Teacher stand apart in this market filled with untrained , unsafe yoga trainers?

British Learning jointly with the London College of Learning (UK) has launched an Internationally Certified Safe Yoga Trainer Examination to qualify students in Safe Yoga Practices.

Yoga Teachers/ Trainers certified with this Internationally Certified Safe Yoga Trainer from British Learning, instantly have an edge above their competitors when it comes to Personal training, working in Yoga Studios, Gyms and Companies.

One of the main objective of the  Internationally Certified Safe Yoga Trainer Certification from British Learning to test wether the Yoga Trainer/ Teacher has the knowledge to prevent injuries. Yoga involves various poses and movements that can put strain on the different parts of the body if not done correctly. A Trainer/ Teacher cerrtfied with a Internationally Certified Safe Yoga Trainer Certification from British Learning can confidently  teach students how to perform certain poses safely. 

In addition, the Internationally Certified Safe Yoga Trainer Certification can ensure that  students have the knowledge to be more mindful of their and their students body's limitations and needs. This awareness can help prevent injuries while also improving their overall physical performance.

Students completing the certification process of the Internationally Certified Safe Yoga Trainer from British Learning will therefore have the confidence while applying for jobs or work assignments and will be more successful than Trainers/ Teachers without knowledge of Safe Yoga Practices.

DISCLAIMER: This Internationally Certified Safe Yoga Trainer from British Learning does not train students in Yoga  Exercises or Yoga poses/ asanas. It is only an examination to test wether the Yoga Teachers / Trainers have theknowledge of Safe Yoga Practices

It is always advised Yoga Trainers/ Teachers instruct  their students undergoing Yoga to consult a Registered Medical Practitioner in case of any existing ailments or the at the slightest sign of discomfort or pain while learning or practicing Yoga.

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